Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is Blog Ready For Marybeth?

I'm thrilled about finally starting a blog, I'm thinking this is a chance to finally slow down my fast life and think about and appreciate the things that happen to me (the good and the bad). Even though things don't always go they way I would like them to I'm going to embrace it and make it a lesson learned. I'm basically writing this blog to commemorate and share my college experience..because trust me, it gets very interesting! I will most probably write about my nightlife and things that I obsess over, so I can already tell that I will have a beautiful relationship with this blog and I will refer to it as my secondary procrastination device (facebook being the primary).  
I suppose I'll distribute some random and maybe entertaining information about myself:
-I hate feet
-My favorite nail polish color is: "mod about you"
-I love sweet tea and gummy worms
-I'm extremely spontaneous
-I enjoy fishing, partying, and shopping (of course)
-Im obsessed with the beach and warm weather
-Everyday someone compares me to Ke$ha
-I take advantage of every opportunity in life 
-Oh, and my grandma is my idol (weird, i know but she is AMAZING)

stay golden.